Case name:

Sony Warranty – Shipping Costs Class Action

Quebec Superior Court file #:



The Plaintiff owns a Sony Headset that stopped working while still under warranty. Sony agreed to repair the headset pursuant to the terms of its warranty, but refused to assume the shipping costs. Section 49 of Quebec’s Consumer Protection Act obliges Sony to assume the shipping costs, since the Sony Warranty did not specify that the consumer must assume these costs.  This class action seeks the reimbursement of the shipping costs that Class Members paid to send their Sony electronic products to Sony during the performance of the Sony conventional warranty, for all Sony electronic products whose warranty did not stipulate that the customer must incur the shipping costs when Sony performs its warranty.

Proposed Class:

All persons in Canada, who, since May 4, 2017, paid the costs of transportation or shipping when Sony was performing its conventional warranty, for all Sony electronic products, when the warranty for their Sony product did not stipulate that the consumer must pay transport or shipping costs.

Remedies sought for consumers:

This class action is claiming from Sony the reimbursement of shipping costs that each customer paid and punitive damages in the aggregate amount of $2 million.


Pending authorization hearing.