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SETTLEMENT APPROVED: Turcot Interchange Project Class Action

All residents, who at any time since March 21, 2015, resided within 350 meters of that section of the Saint-Jacques Street, (including the Saint-Jacques overpass), which runs West to East, intersecting the West perimeter of Girouard Avenue in the City of Montreal, Borough of Notre-Dame-de-Grace, and the East perimeter of Decarie Boulevard in the same Borough.

SETTLEMENT APPROVED: Turcot Interchange Project Class Action2020-11-07T18:17:06-05:00

Mont-Tremblant Tonik Pass Refund Class Action

All persons who purchased a 2019-2020 “Tonik” ski pass for Mont-Tremblant (including persons who also purchased the “Privilege Bundle” / “Tonik Forfait de privilèges” add-on).

Mont-Tremblant Tonik Pass Refund Class Action2020-06-09T10:51:36-05:00

Refunds for Rescheduled Events (Resale Tickets)

All persons who entered into a distance contract relating to a resale ticket with any of the Defendants, whose initial date of the event was cancelled and who, upon request, did not receive a refund before the new scheduled date of the event (if applicable), since June 6, 2018.

Refunds for Rescheduled Events (Resale Tickets)2020-08-30T15:09:52-05:00

Sony Warranty – Shipping Costs Class Action

All persons in Canada, who, since May 4, 2017, paid the costs of transportation or shipping when Sony was performing its conventional warranty, for all Sony electronic products, when the warranty for their Sony product did not stipulate that the consumer must pay transport or shipping costs.

Sony Warranty – Shipping Costs Class Action2020-05-07T18:19:19-05:00

Luckin Coffee

Case name: Secondary Market Event Ticket Sales Class Action Quebec Superior Court file #: 500-06-000754-156 Important message concerning settlements reached in this file: Several companies that were initially named as Defendants have agreed to a settlement that resolves the class action insofar as it concerns them. These companies [...]

Luckin Coffee2020-04-28T18:22:40-05:00

Cheapoair Quebec Class Action

All legal and natural persons in Canada, who, since March 10, 2017, made a booking for anywhere in the world using any of RSH Travel Inc.s’ websites or mobile applications (including www.cheapoair.ca, www.cheapoair.com, www.Onetravel.ca and www.Onetravel.com) and who were charged a price higher than the price initially displayed as final and indicated as the Total Charge on their Booking Confirmation email.

Cheapoair Quebec Class Action2020-08-27T18:15:41-05:00

Notice of a Settlement Approval Hearing with Viagogo AG

Every consumer, pursuant to the terms of Québec’s Consumer Protection Act ("CPA"), residing in Québec at the time of purchase, who from June 23rd, 2013 to January 22, 2020 (the “Class Period”), while physically located in Québec, has purchased from Viagogo’s desktop website or mobile application at least one "Ticket" (as defined in s.(1d.1) CPA as meaning any document or instrument that, on presentation, grants the ticket holder admission to a show, sporting event, cultural event, exhibition or any other kind of entertainment) either : a) at a price above that announced by the vendor authorized to sell the Tickets by the producer of the event; and/or, b) who paid a price higher than the price advertised by Viagogo on its website and/or mobile application (at the first step), excluding the Québec sales tax or the Goods and Services Tax;

Notice of a Settlement Approval Hearing with Viagogo AG2020-10-16T15:24:35-05:00

McDonald’s Restaurants – Quebec Class Action Settlement

Every consumer pursuant to the Quebec Consumer Protection Act who, from November 15, 2013 to April 15, 2020 purchased in Quebec for a child under 13 years of age then present inside a McDonald's restaurant, a toy or Happy Meal, during an advertising campaign directed at children taking place inside the restaurant.

McDonald’s Restaurants – Quebec Class Action Settlement2020-11-10T11:30:32-05:00