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Quebec School Boards Class Action (Specialized Programs)

All persons who paid any amount for a specialized program (“Projets Pédagogiques Particuliers”), such as “sport-études”, “arts-études” (including arts plastiques, danse, musique, art dramatique), “projets de type Profil”, “projets de type Concentration”, or “éducation international”, up until the legislative amendment to article 3 of the Education Act provided for in Bill 12 comes into force.

Quebec School Boards Class Action (Specialized Programs)2019-05-13T15:00:17-04:00

Vehicle Lease Buyback Fees

All consumers who had a vehicle lease agreement with any of the Defendants and, since March 14, 2016, paid a fee to exercise their option to purchase their vehicle (“buyback”) at the end of their lease which was not disclosed in their lease.

Vehicle Lease Buyback Fees2019-03-19T10:10:03-04:00

Textured Breast Implants Class Action

All consumers in Canada who have received textured surface breast implants manufactured, marketed or sold by Allergan Inc., Inamed Corporation, Mentor Worldwide LLC or Ideal Implant Inc.

Textured Breast Implants Class Action2019-07-11T16:30:31-04:00

SETTLEMENT APPROVED: Société des Casinos du Québec

Every consumer, pursuant to the terms of Quebec’s Consumer Protection Act, who, since June 1st, 2015, purchased a beverage from the Bar Valet de Carreau, Bar Dame de Coeur, Bar Roi de pique and/or the Bar Poker, all situated in the Casino de Montréal, and who would have been charged, between 12:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m., on nights from Saturday to Sunday, a higher price than that advertised on the menu.

SETTLEMENT APPROVED: Société des Casinos du Québec2019-03-06T08:33:40-04:00

Mortgage Prepayment Fees – Quebec Class Action

All persons, entities, partnerships or organizations resident or domiciled in Quebec, who, since May 31st, 2015, had a hypothecary loan and/or a collateral hypothec with any of the Defendants and who paid a mortgage prepayment charge in an amount that exceeds three months of interest as a result of paying off their mortgage early;

Mortgage Prepayment Fees – Quebec Class Action2019-03-06T08:33:43-04:00

BMW Recall Class Action

Class: All natural persons, legal persons established for a private interest, partnerships and associations or other groups not endowed with juridical personality, resident in Canada (subsidiarily Quebec), who purchased and/or leased a BMW that was recalled by Transport Canada under Recall #2017-470 and Recall #2017-588, including the BMW 1 Series (2008 to 2011), BMW 3 Series (2006 to 2011), BMW 5 Series (2007 to 2011), BMW X3 (2007 to 2011), BMW X5 (2007 to 2010), BMW Z4 (2007 to 2011).

BMW Recall Class Action2019-03-06T08:33:45-04:00


Consumers residing in Quebec who purchased on the primary market at least one (1) ticket to an event in the Province of Quebec using either: a mobile phone or other mobile device via either www.ticketmaster.ca or one of the Ticketmaster mobile applications, between June 23, 2013 and May 24, 2017, or with respect to certain Quebec Venues, the www.ticketmaster.ca website with the use of a desktop computer or standard internet browser, between September 30, 2015 and May 24, 2017.