Spotify Free Trial and Auto-Renewal Quebec Class Action

Quebec Superior Court file #


What this case was about:

Plaintiff alleged that Spotify violated paragraph c of section 230 of Quebec’s Consumer Protection Act by engaging in negative option billing practices. Under Quebec Consumer Protection law, it is illegal for merchants to automatically charge consumers, to whom they have provided services or goods free of charge (or at a reduced price) for a fixed period, the regular price for said goods or services at the end of the fixed period.

Class Description:

Every consumer, pursuant to the terms of Quebec’s Consumer Protection Act, who since July 4th, 2013, was provided services by Spotify Canada Inc. at a reduced price or free of charge, for a fixed period, and who, after the fixed period, was required to send a notice to Spotify Canada Inc. indicating that he/she does not wish to obtain the services at the regular price;

Terms of the Settlement:

Compensation to class members under the terms of the Settlement Agreement, still subject to Court Approval, is as follows:

  • Each member of the Class will automatically receive a free one month period of Spotify Premium service from Spotify, as detailed at paragraph 13 of the Settlement Agreement.

Additionally, Spotify will cease the practice of giving a free trial and then automatically charging consumers in Quebec the regular price thereafter.


Class Action Authorized for Settlement Purposes by the Honourable Stéphane Sansfaçon, J.C.S., of the Superior Court of Quebec, on November 1, 2017. Settlement Approval Hearing scheduled for April 13, 2018.