Case name

Canada Dry “Made from Real Ginger” Class Action

Quebec Superior Court file #



Canada Dry Mott’s Inc. produces, markets, distributes and sells its Canada Dry Ginger Ale beverages to Class members by falsely claiming that they are “Made From Real Ginger”. Ginger is a plant and the Plaintiff alleges that there is no ginger in Canada Dry Ginger Ale.

This class action seeks the reimbursement of the amounts overpaid by Class members for Canada Dry Ginger Ale marketed and sold by Canada Dry Mott’s Inc. as “Made From Real Ginger”, as well as punitive damages in the amount of $15 million;

Proposed Class

All consumers who purchased, in Canada any Canada Dry Ginger Ale product marketed as “Made from Real Ginger” or “Fait à partir de vrai gingembre”.

Remedies sought for consumers

  1. Full reimbursement to consumers for their purchases of Canada Dry Ginger Ale containing the false “Made From Real Ginger” claim; and
  2. Punitive damages in the amount of $15 million.


Pending Authorization hearing

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